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We are a computational and systems biology group that is also directly engaged in trials with human participants. We aim to obtain a mechanistic and actionable understanding of the microbiome's role in human pathophysiology, using machine learning, metabolic modeling, and network inference. We operate in an engaging and multi-disciplinary environment consisting of computational biologists, applied mathematicians, statisticians, physicists and physicians. Working at the intersection between computational biology and medicine, the lab develops algorithms and computational methods that aim to understand microbial growth, activity, and metabolite production, and then proceeds to apply these methodologies as the basis for clinical inquiries in diverse settings.


We are always interested in adding suitable individuals to our team!

You can look through our lab manual to get a rough sense of how we do things. 

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

We are seeking postdoctoral researchers who want to work in a creative and collaborative environment on new algorithmic approaches for inferring the activity and dynamics of microbial communities.


Qualifications include:

  • Ph.D. in any quantitative science (such as statistics, computer science, physics, etc.), or a Ph.D. in the life sciences with a strong computational/quantitative background.
    You will acquire any missing domain/biological knowledge with us.

  • Strong statistics or machine learning background especially valued.

  • Experience with assembly algorithms, flux balance analysis or network inference is valued but not required.

  • Excellent communication and organizational skills.

Ph.D. or M.D. Ph.D. students

Positions are available for Ph.D. or M.D.-Ph.D. students with experience and/or interest in data analysis, development of microbiome analysis methods or clinically-oriented microbiome research. 

We take students from any department. We recommend the Systems Biology track of the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies, and the Biomedical Informatics Program.

Undergraduate students, summer internships, and other research positions 

Positions are often available for students and other individuals interested in gaining research experience, and the lab has an excellent track record with subsequent Ph.D. admissions. Due to the nature of our work, programming skills and experience are required for engagements shorter than 6 months. Please describe your plans and/or computational experience in your inquiry. Preference will be given to students who took BINFGU4018: Microbiome Data Analysis.

High-school students 

Due to a variety of reasons, we unfortunately do not have available positions for high-school students.

For inquiries: . Please address me by my name and write a few sentences about your interest in the lab.

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