We study what human-associated microbial communities (the “microbiome”) tell us about their host and how they affect its health. We aim to develop personalized microbiome-based and -guided therapeutics and diagnostics.

We do so by examining the sum of microbial species, genes, metabolites and other microbial factors, and studying how they act in tandem, and along with other host factors, to reflect or affect health and disease.

We are ...

… developing data analysis methods that go beyond microbiome composition (who the microbes are) and examine microbiome activity (what the microbes do) directly from human microbiome data.

… studying microbial metabolism, pursuing potentially causal or mechanistic insights by applying optimization methods that incorporate biochemical knowledge (knowledge-driven approaches) and machine learning methods that decipher the metabolic network structure directly from data (data-driven approaches).

… aspiring to develop personally-tailored therapies that act through the microbiome (microbiome-based therapeutics) or to use the microbiome in order to personalize healthcare (microbiome-guided medicine).

... applying our methodology in diverse clinical settings, with a special focus on the reproductive system.

Recent news

Lab awarded the Vagelos Precision Medicine Pilot Grant

We are honored to be awarded the Vagelos Precision Medicine Pilot Grant, along with our collaborators Profs. Uhlemann, Gallos and Vink. This grant will support our work on mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions in spontaneous preterm birth.

Welcome Chen!

Chen (Martin) Liu joined the lab for his MA project.

Welcome Tom!

Tom Cohen joined the lab for a summer project (with Prof. Itsik Pe'er, CS)

Welcome Yiwei!

Yiwei Sun joined the lab for a rotation.


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